Recent Projects



National Parks Service- Yosemite Valley Communication Towers 2013-2014


L.D. Strobel Company is currently working on the Yosemite National Park communication system’s tower upgrades. This is a design / build project involving vastly different geography, elevations, topography and access requirements.


Big Oak Flats Tower

The Sierra Nevada Mountains and its alpine climate require an aggressive build schedule, work on the Big Oak Flats tower foundation started literally within the smoldering remains of the 2013 Rim Fire. Special care had to be taken addressing damaged trees that could endanger our crews, these widow-makers were removed as they were encountered during modification of a historic mining-railroad bed that served as a portion of the site’s access road. Foundation work for this 85’ free-standing tower was completed in less than a week under these conditions.


Yosemite Valley One Monopole

This site, located in the heart of Yosemite Village, is bordered on three sides by the National Parks Service Search & Rescue, Fire Department, Jail, Maintenance Yard, and the valley’s only gas pump. The fourth side is considered as one of the most sacred Indian cemeteries in the country. Operating within these confines, foundation work on a 20’ monopole and adjacent communications shelter began and was completed without incident. As with all construction in this park, a full time archeologist remained on-site during any excavation. Due to the historic importance of this area a tribal elder was also present to evaluate any artifacts that might surface.

Original grounding plans were changed mid-job numerous times in an attempt to successfully meet both the NPS system requirements and avoid any damage to this historic site. Over 600’ of grounding trench was installed in a serpentine pattern to keep it confined within the site’s changing boundaries. A successful ground reading was achieved after tons of special material was imported to allow for an adequate earth-ground despite Yosemite’s legendary crystalline granite, among the earth’s hardest exposed rock.