About us…

L.D. Strobel designs and builds general communication sites for wireless companies and operates as a strictly business-to-business and government institution server. We provide construction, systems installation, tower erections,  electrical services, testing as well as design and engineering.  We have completed over 12,000 projects and over 20,000 network turn-ups for Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, Metro PCS, T-Mobile and various local city and county jurisdictions all over the west coast.

A Commitment to Safety and Quality

L.D. Strobel Co. Inc. is a State of California, licensed Class B General Building Contractor(#631117), as well as a full C-10 licensed General Electrical Contractor.

Accurate testing insures the safety of employees and the proper functioning of equipment. We provide line sweeping and PIM testing in addition to fiber, ground resistance, power load analysis and alarm testing.

We also  provide 24 hour service for maintenance and emergencies.  Many of these projects require working in sensitive areas such as military bases, hospitals, main communications switching stations, airports, as well as occupied office and apartment buildings. Our employees are our greatest asset and they remain up-to-date on all applicable and relevant safety certifications.

Our Services

Construction – L.D. Strobel has constructed all types of foundations for and has erected virtually all types of towers. We have completed tower projects for Wireless Cell phone carriers, Microwave providers, the
State of California, the Federal Government including the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security, local governments, surveillance, alternative energy, meteorological, seismic measurement and more.

Electrical – We regularly perform underground utility, high voltage, pole line installation, transformers, main switch  gear and distribution. We also provide stand-by power systems, generator installation, solar panel and wire installation, commercial lighting and general purpose wiring, A/C-D/C wiring and conversion, RF and lightning  protection and grounding, and Telco and fiber optic installations.

Installation – Our staff is known for our technical attributes, job ownership, installation quality, specific market knowledge and equipment service standards. Our staff has been a part of over 10,000 network equipment turn-ups within the United States. Our diverse team has been able to take on all challenges while working in the industry with maintaining affordable services that continue to hold the highest of standards for quality and workmanship.

Architectural and Engineering – Our projects include: raw land, tenant improvements, rooftop installations, antenna concealments, and many more unique projects. We work with the client through the entire Planning Approval and Building Permit process. Our clients routinely trust us with unusual problem solving situations.